compact discs

Pelassy mozart violin sonatasMOZART, sonatas for violin and piano K. 301, 304, 378 & 454,

with Christophe Simonet     

BNL 112767

Pelassy bach sonatas and partitas 1Pelassy bach sonatas and partitas 2

BACH,  sonatas and partitas for solo violin

(2 volumes)     

BNL 112781 & 112790


Pelassy brahms violin sonatasBRAHMS, sonatas for violin and piano,

with Christophe Simonet      

BNL 112786


Pelassy mozart concerto 216 218 219MOZART, concertos for violin and orchestra K. 216, 218 & 219,

with the Prague Josef Suk Orchestra, dir. Jacques-Francis Manzone       

BNL 112807


Pelassy franck faure debussyFRANCK, FAURE, DEBUSSY, sonatas for violin and piano,

with Christophe Simonet          

BNL 112817

Pelassy beethoven sonatas 1BEETHOVEN, sonatas for violin & piano n° 1, 5 & 7

with Christophe Simonet

BNL 112821

Pelassy bruch mendelssohn concertoBRUCH & MENDELSSOHN, concertos for violin & orchestra

with the Bonner Jugend-Sinfonie-Orchester, dir. Wolfgang Badun

BNL 112827



Pelassy bach violin sonatas 1Pelassy bach violin sonatas 2BACH, sonatas for violin and harpsichord BWV 1014 to 1019

with Anne Robert (2 volumes)

BNL 112831 & 112858


Pelassy haydn violin concertoHAYDN, concertos pour violon et orchestre, with the Czech String Ensemble

dir.  J. F. Manzone 

BNL 112834


Pelassy paganini corelli locatelli giulianiCORELLI, LOCATELLI, GIULIANI, PAGANINI, a recital for violin and guitar

with Philippe Villa

BNL 112855


Pelassy dvorak tchaikovski concertoDVORAK & TCHAIKOVSKI, concertos for violin & orchestra

with the Kosice Statna Filharmonia  dir. B. Rezucha

BNL 112874


Pelassy beethoven sonatas 2BEETHOVEN, sonatas for violin & piano n° 4, 9 & 10

with  Yukio Yokoyama

BNL 112864

Pelassy handel vn sonatasHÄNDEL, Six sonatas for violin & continuum

with Vincent Warnier

BNL 112875


Pelassy mozart 14 church sonatas

MOZART, Church sonatas,

with Gordan Nicolic, Jean-Marie Trottereau, Georges Bessonnet         

Syrius 141398



Pelassy brahms vn concertoBRAHMS & CHAUSSON, concerto & "Poem" for violin & orchestra

with the Košice Štátna Filharmónia , dir.Peter Feranec

BNL 112891


Pelassy beethoven concertoBEETHOVEN, concerto & romances for violon and orchestra

with the Ostrava Janacek Philharmony dir. Peter Feranec

BNL 112918


Pelassy schubert rondo sonate fantaisieSCHUBERT, rondo op. 70, Sonata op. 162, Fantaisie op. 159

with Yukari Fujino

BNL 112929

Pelassy mozart violin sonatas2MOZART, sonatas for violin & piano K. 296, 304, 378 & 526

with Tatiana Pavlova

BNL 112944

Pelassy per due violini basso ed organoALBINONI, BACH, BRIXI, HAYDN, DVORAK,

"Per due violini, bassa ed organo..." with E. Rothstein, F. Audibert & H. Schauerte          

Syrius 141398



Bach 2007

BACH, sonatas et partitas for solo violin

  two volumes

BNL 112952


MILHAUD,  chamber music works

with Eliane Reyes & Jean-Marc Fessard

Naxos 8.572278


Page0001LALO, Symphonie Espagnole & DUBOIS, violin concerto

with the Štátna Filharmónia Košice, dir. Zbynek Müller

    BNL 112964


VivaldiVIVALDI, Le Quattro staggioni, with the Orchestre du Marais

dir. Pascal Vigneron

Quantum 7070     

Brahms trioBRAHMS, trios for violin, cello and piano, 

with Florent Audibert & Jean Dubé

BNL 112966   


sonatas for solo violin

BNL 112979   

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